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Connect with Thousands of Students

Connect directly with students who are serious about finding the right profession, and educating themselves before jumping to job search.

Top US and Global Universities EDU partners

Thousands of Students

US and Worldwide

Comcast’s winning early talent strategy

How brands can stand the tests of time

Powerful tools to drive every part of your early talent hiring

From start to finish, Handshake offers every tool you need to hire the most qualified and diverse candidates time and time again

Build your brand on Jobssonnet


Easily find qualified talent


Engage candidates with the right actions


Post your jobs to multiple schools

Post Jobs

Create relationships at scale

Build Realtionsships

Get insights that keep you a step ahead

analyze & optimize

Stay productive with the right support

Boost Productivity

Trusted by all 500 of the Fortune 500 and leaders across all industries

Reach the largest, most diverse, and active early talent network in the US


active students & alumni


women candidates


Black candidates


Latinx candidates


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of top education partners

Build authentic relationships virtually and in person

Improve your early talent hiring ROI

  • 80% of employers choose Handshake as one of their top tools
  • Hundreds of thousands of employers have hired on Handshake
  • Top programs see up to a 7x decrease in promotional cost per hire vs. industry average

What leading hiring programs have to say

Jaclyn Barry

Jaclyn Barry

Global Diversity & Inclusion Programs Manager • Paypal

“The most valuable things Handshake has done for us are let us tap into diverse talent and give us the ability to reach candidates with limited staff.”

Marlena Taynor

Marlena Taynor

University & Diversity Talent Attraction Lead • McDonalds

“We launched our university recruiting effort in tandem with our Handshake partnership, so we’ve been on this journey together from the beginning!”

Lauren Kelly

Lauren Kelly

Agile Coach • Equitable Advisors

“Virtual is how we do things now, and we may not go back to the in-person events now that we see how easy it is with Handshake.”